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Established in 2006 D&D Group Co;Ltd. has professionally dealt with interior design, architectural exterior design, landscape design, large projects' bidding scheme and consultation through these 5 years. In the process, we stick to our professional designer orientation rather than commercial aims. Persistently keeping improving professional designing determines our consistently working attitude of high standard and fast reaction. In the design, we don't want to be limited in a certain techinque or style, but to search potential elements for unique architectural order and to unceasingly explore and try new representing ways to pursue the characteristic of design.


In the projects, we combine various factors into a platform to serve for a theme, and analyze each factor(such as local traditional cultrue, corporation culture, climate condition, usage function, life style and owners' special hobbies, etc.) to find the most valuable theme to develop. And such a theme comes from the deep understanding of the project and its trustor. We also emphasize the combination of theory and practice, art and fact, to search for the latest technical information, to carefully study each detail of the process, and to ultimately realize the original inspiration on the base of fuctional fulfillments.





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